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Canford Sports celebrated it's 43rd winter of spongee and its  38th
 Season of touch football in Winnipeg! 

Mens Competetive Action! 

Well, look what's happening in Winnipeg, Isn't that amazing?"
- Ernie Afaghanis, CBC National TV Sports Weekend (Canford feature on National TV)

"Watching all the players empty out of the rinks all at the same time reminds me of the workers coming off shift at the auto plants in Detroit."
- Gary Lamphier, Wall Street Journal, from the Canford Deck after playing in a Sponge Hockey match where he earned an assist on his second shift.

"About 4000 men, women and teenagers regularly venture out to play a game in -20 weather and stinging prairie winds. Bundled in sweaters and snow suits, balaclavas on their heads and suction cupped shoes on their feet. They slip and slide across the outdoor hockey rinks chasing a soft rubber puck in the Sponge Hockey Capital of the World."    
- Bob Cox, Canadian Press at Canford! 

Simply playing like Penny...for the Fun of it!

Tag: The Roots of Canford Sports!

stands for...

CAN -offer casual sport programs and facilities..
FOR - the community and we are
D - determined to establish Winnipeg as the 
                                 ...and CITY OF CARE!


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